The International Transfer Matching System

The International Transfer Matching System (ITMS) was developed following a two-year study commissioned by FIFA in 2005 to address concerns in the transfer market. Before ITMS, there was an absence of reliable data on the transfer market, which led to limited oversight on movements such as total transfer activity, monetary flows and the global transfer of minors.

TMS Global Transfers & Compliance took on the substantial challenge of organizing the international football transfer market by developing an online platform that introduced standardisation and enhanced transparency based on FIFA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.

Who uses ITMS?

  • For Member Associations across the globe
    and their professional clubs
  • Referred to as TMS Managers or
    TMS Users

ITMS is a mandatory platform designed exclusively for Member Associations and their affiliated professional football clubs. Each Member Association and club assigns specific employees that are granted access to ITMS in order to manage international transfers. They are referred to as TMS Managers or TMS Users. The TMS Manager or User must be trained, sign a confidentiality agreement and undergo a background check before being granted access to ITMS.


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