The Intermediary Regulations Tool

The IRT is an optional product and is integrated into the existing Transfer Matching System (international and domestic).

FIFA’s Regulations on Working with Intermediaries, which came into force on April 1, 2015, require each Member Associations to put in place a registration system through which intermediaries are registered for every individual transaction they are involved in, whether it is with a club or with a player.

Intermediaries are used within the global transfer market for either an international transfer, domestic transfer, or a contract extension of a player. Member Associations are required to publish an annual report, listing the names of all intermediaries, and the total amount of remunerations or payments that have been made or are to be made to those intermediaries by their players and clubs.

Why IRT?

  • One system to deal with the transfer business
  • Report the data in a way that fulfils the regulations

The transfer market is becoming more complex and will involve more compliance over time. Therefore, having one system to deal with the transfer business and its complexities rather than a variety of separate systems to do all the work benefits Member Associations and clubs tremendously.

Because IRT has been specifically designed to comply with the minimum requirements set out in the new Intermediary Regulations it collects the relevant data, and has the ability to report that data in a way that fulfils the regulations.