The Domestic Transfer Matching System

The Domestic Transfer Matching System (DTMS) is the national version of the International Transfer Matching System, which is used by over 211 MAs and 6,500 clubs for cross-border player transfers. DTMS is built into the TMS platform and works with one single sign-on.

With DTMS, the federation and its clubs have the ability to manage and monitor their domestic transfer activity, generate statistics and reports, speed up the transfer process and store required documents online, safely. As an extension of ITMS, the system allows the federation to access international and domestic transfers in one place.

Who uses DTMS?

  • For Member Associations across the globe and their professional leagues and clubs

DTMS is a platform designed exclusively for Member Associations, leagues and their affiliated professional football clubs. Like ITMS, each Member Association and club assigns specific employees that are granted access to ITMS in order to manage their domestic transfers.


Member Associations having adopted DTMS: